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lucid collection

divinely inspired. a visual playground.

“I often compare art to life.
I’ve found that if you move
through it too fast, trying to finish,
you might miss the whole thing,
you might leave feeling unfulfilled.

But if you slow down a bit,
you might start to ponder
that maybe the point of it all
is really in the journey,
the treasure - in the experience.

I believe my task as an artist
is to take you on a journey,
to curate a visual experience.

this art tells a story.
this art is an experience.”

“my task... is to...
curate a visual experience.”
— lucidfrenchi


just when i was ready to give up,

this collection rekindled my hope,
rekindled my creativity,
and my belief in myself.

this collection began
my journey back to self.