About the Artist

artist. creator. human.

artist. creator. human.

Believing in yourself takes courage.

I was an artistic child. I was the kind of kid who got more excited about the shoe box than the shoes, and who preferred a sketchbook over any screen. I also exceled in my studies, and took a particular interest in buildings and engineering. My interests led me to study engineering in college. After graduating with my B.S. in Construction Engineering, I transitioned into a lifestyle and career that required much more from me than I ever anticipated.

I allowed that path, and the relationship that I was in at the time, to take me away from my art, and myself, for several years. I began to question my abilities, my core beliefs, and even my self-worth. My art journey has largely been a journey back to self, and has helped to restore my self-confidence. I am forever grateful for my creative gift, and am determined to share it with the world.

So why "lucidfrenchi”? I’ll admit, it’s an interesting alias. To make a long story short, there was once a time when I ate French toast almost every morning at work. After several months, this eventually earned me the nickname “Frenchi” in the office. Around the time I earned my alias, many things were revealed to me regarding passions, my purpose, and how they would soon align. Lucid thoughts abounded, and lucidfrenchi was born.

My hope is that my art and story will inspire someone to revisit pieces of their passion that they have all but forgotten. May you be inspired to believe in yourself.

signed: lucidfrenchi
artist. creator. human.

“May you be inspired to believe in yourself.”
— lucidfrenchi